****In light of the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of social distancing, I will temporarily cease conducting notary appointments, including loan closings, from March 17, 2020 until further notice.  If the situation warrants, I will re-evaluate according to the governmental guidelines.  Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe and well.***   

My name is Susan Coffin and I am your mobile notary for Lake County, California.  Prior to getting married in August of 2019, I was commissioned as Susan Littlefield. I am available to serve your notarial needs in Lake County- all around our beautiful, magnificent lake. 

During the fall and winter, I am generally available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  During the summer and spring, my service hours are from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and my hours on weekends are flexible.

I am READY for your notarial assignment, which means I am:

Your notary!

General Notary Work

I am available to meet all your notary needs. I can notarize your signature to any document of your choosing as long as that transaction complies with all requirements of California notary law.  Some common documents include, but are not limited to: 

1. Grant Deed
2. Deed of Trust
3. Quitclaim Deed
4. Loan Documents
5. Real Estate Documents
6. Power of Attorney
7. Sworn Statement
8. Statement of Consent for Application of Passport for child under age 16
9. Parental Consent for Travel
10. Application to Obtain Birth Certificate
11. Rental Agreement
12. Name Affidavit
13. General Legal Papers
14. Trusts
15. Sales Documents
16. Purchase Documents
17. Bills of Sale
18. General Agreements
19. Letters
20. Waivers
21. DMV Applications
22. Applications for copy of birth certificates, passports.

For general notary work, please make sure your document is completely filled out prior to my arrival.  I cannot give advice on how to fill out your documents or any other aspect of your notarization because I am not an attorney.  My scope of work is to (a) verify your identity with a valid drivers license or ID, or with credible witnesses who have valid identification and can swear to your identity, (2) witness you signing your document, and (3)  notarize your signature to that document.  

If a document has no notarial wording, I can only explain to you the difference between an acknowledgement and a jurat and direct you to choose which form you would like.  I cannot choose for you.  Both of these forms are explained below.  

Acknowledgement:  An acknowledgement is used to verify your identity and to confirm that you signed the document.  You are not swearing to the truthfulness or validity of the document, and I am simply acknowledging that you signed the document.  

Jurat: A jurat is used when you must swear to the content of the document.  I must administer an oath or affirmation to you in order to complete the notarization.

Certified Loan Signing Agent

As a Certified Signing Agent, I am available to title and signing companies to present loan documents and provide a brief description of each document. I am able to present signers with all relevant documents with a short description but I cannot advise on any aspect of the documents, including giving legal advise.  I also verify signers’ identities, witness their signatures, notarize all applicable documents in the loan package, and ensure that the process is complete for a proper loan closing.

Even though I am conducting a loan signing, I cannot notarize any documents that contain blanks because California Notary Law forbids it.

I am Fidelity approved and carry $100,000 in errors and omissions insurance. I am also commissioned and bonded pursuant to California notary law.  I became a certified loan signing agent through Notary2Pro in 2017, and I have subsequently been certified in other loan signing programs. 

Of Utmost Importance

I am not attorney! 

As a California notary, I am not allowed  give legal advice because only an attorney can do so. This includes not giving advice regarding what documents need to be notarized, how to fill out documents, or what the documents mean in your particular situation.  I also cannot suggest what type of documents you might need or provide documents to you.  If you need any advice regarding your document(s), please speak to whomever directed you to have your signature notarized or seek the assistance of an attorney. 

For your notarization, please make sure you have a valid drivers license or identification card issued within the last five years.  If you do not have either, please let me know up front so that we can arrange credible witnesses who can swear, under oath, to your identity. These witnesses must comply with California identification requirements and have no vested interest in the document you will be signing.  

Finally, I must be able to communicate with the signer at all times. This means that no interpreters may ever be involved in the notarization process.  If you need a notary who speaks a foreign language, you can download a list from the California Secretary of State or search one of the big these databases:
Notary Café 
Notary Rotary

For those with hearing disabilities, we can communicate via the written word, or you must locate a notary who is able to communicate via sign language.  

If you would like my notarial services, please go to my contact page, or you can text or call me, Susan Coffin, at (707) 236-2952.